Pre-Compose Geek FAQ


What is Pre-Compose Geek?

Pre-Compose Geek saves you valuable time by doing the boring technical stuff for you! It pre-composes your shots, it also trims and names them. By doing this, (and more as described later) Pre-Compose Geek helps you achieve a more organized working area essential for managing a complicated project.


What does Pre-Compose Geek do besides Pre-Composing, trimming and naming layers?

Pre-Compose Geek also allows you to import a digital cut placing it on the master comp for easily comparing the offline editing, and it can create an info layer displaying the shot/scene name, number of frames and duration of each shot. Pre-Compose Geek can also add handles and automatically order layers on the timeline based on their start time.


How can Pre-Compose Geek’s features and the better organized working area it creates help me?

First and foremost, working with an organized working area is essential.

It’s much easier to navigate and work in an organized working area thanks to Pre-Compose Geek’s pre-composing and naming the (selected) layers. Add to that the
extra features and the working experience gets even better.

For example, the info layer created clearly displays essential information like the current shot name, its duration and the current frame number within it (based on the stick
position). This becomes a great help when working together with other compositors on the same project especially when your director asks for the exact shot duration and in which frames are the special effects applied, and more…

Pre-Compose Geek includes additional features like pre-composing overlapping layers onto the same pre-comp, this feature was implemented with the understanding that on layer based editing software such as After Effects, overlapping layers are usually pre-composed together (for example when having a green screen layer and a background image, or when cutting and compositing part of a footage layer onto another footage layer). These kind of automations allow you to start working on your project immediately and saves the tedious manual work involved, while keeping your working area well organized.


How much time can Pre-Compose Geek really save me on each project?

Pre-Compose Geek can save you 1-2 hours of repetitive manual work on complicated projects and 5-15 minutes on relatively simple ones, this really depends on the clip
duration and how many shots you have. The longer the clips and the larger number of shots you have, the more time it saves you. Pre-Compose Geek works extremely fast and displays a progress bar so you to know when it’s finished working.

Our customer’s have reported only a few seconds run time even on heavy and
complicated projects. This is beneficial also for small and simple projects – for example: 2 seconds of Pre-Compose Geek run time replaces 8 minutes of manual work for an online editor, and this is only for pre-composing, trimming, naming and creating a folder per shot in an After Effects project window. Then consider the extra features like having an info layer, importing a digital cut, adding handles and ordering the layers based on their start time. If these were done manually by the online editor it would require even more time to do what Pre-Compose Geek can do for you in a fraction of the time.


Is there a Fully Detailed Tutorial for Pre-Compose Geek?
Sure, you can find Pre-Compose Geek’s tutorial here.


I purchased Pre-Compose Geek and I’m happy with it. If I have suggestions of questions, whom can I contact?

Pre-Compose Geek was created by MotionGeeks.com, We provide a dedicated support forum for the product on our website and happily and quickly respond to any customer inquiries. We strongly believe that the professional community of online editors deserves it.